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Energy saving tips

Saving energy pays off twice. Firstly for the climate and secondly for your wallet.

The reasons for increased prices and shortages

Current energy market situation

Currently, the purchase prices for electricity and gas are at a very high level. Due to this dynamic situation on the energy market, many energy providers are recalculating their tariffs. This can lead to a reduced or more expensive offer for you.

There are several factors that have caused electricity & gas prices to be so high since the beginning of 2022.

Stay up to date with our blog when it comes to green electricity, biogas and the energy transition. The energy transition blog

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This is what we have achieved together

By choosing a certified green electricity or biogas tariff, you are directly supporting the energy transition. For every kilowatt hour consumed, a fixed amount flows into the expansion of renewable energies - that's sustainable thinking.

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certified green electricity tariffs
Promoted energy transition projects
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Switch to a certified electricity or biogas tariff now

There are already several online comparison portals for electricity and gas rates. So what's the point of another one?

At the comparison portal of the environmental associations, consumers can compare high-quality and exclusively certified green electricity and biogas tariffs.

 "" offers you the opportunity to actively participate in an energy transition that is nature-friendly, decentralized, citizen-oriented, public welfare-oriented, fair and pollutant-free through your purchase decision.

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