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The association behind the labels

Green Electricity Label e.V.

The Grüner Strom Label e.V. certifies green energy products. The association awards two seals of approval for this purpose: The Green Electricity Label for green electricity with added value and the Green Gas Label for environmentally compatible biogas. Our vision is a 100% renewable energy supply.

In pursuit of this vision, it is our mission:

  • Label the quality and credibility of energy products
  • Strengthen environmentally oriented energy providers
  • Support the spread of high-quality green tariffs
  • Promote energy transition projects together with energy providers
  • To provide consumers with guidance for their purchasing decisions

Together for the energy turnaround

Supported by associations for environment, peace & consumers.

Leading associations from civil society are behind the Green Electricity and Green Gas labels. They play a key role in shaping the criteria for the labels.

Seal of approval for green electricity and biogas

In Germany, our labels are the only seals of approval for green electricity and biogas that are supported by leading environmental associations.

By awarding the two labels, we want to promote an ecological energy supply and create more credibility and transparency on the energy market. All funds of the association may only be used for this purpose, which is also anchored in the Association statutes (de) .

Pioneer since 1998

Grüner Strom Label e.V. was founded in 1998 by non-profit environmental and consumer associations and peace organizations.

The initiative came from EUROSOLAR , the European Association for Renewable Energies. Energy experts such as Klaus Traube (†), then energy policy spokesman for BUND, and Hermann Scheer (†), honorary president of EUROSOLAR, developed demanding criteria for a green electricity seal of approval.

They acted with foresight, because at that time there was no green electricity certification. The Green Electricity seal of approval is thus the first green electricity label in Germany.

What we have achieved so far

Current activity report

You can find current facts and figures about our work in our annual report.

Green electricity tariffs awarded with the Green Electricity Label guarantee investments in energy transition projects that are compatible with nature.
Green Gas Label

Green electricity label

Green electricity with added value

The Green Electricity label is the first seal of quality for green electricity in Germany. We have been certifying green power products with our label since 1998. The eco-label is a pioneer in the certification of green electricity in Germany ..

You'd like to do something good for the environment. But the electricity tariff jungle is leading you astray?

Electricity tariffs with the Green Electricity label guarantee that you receive 100% green electricity and promote the expansion of the energy transition .

Because: For every kilowatt hour of electricity consumed, a fixed amount is invested in innovative .

Green Gas Label

Biogas thought holistically

As the only quality seal in Germany supported by environmental associations, the Genuine Biogas-label represents the compatibility of nature conservation and energy transition .

After an intensive coordination process with experts from the sponsoring associations and experts from the industry, the first criteria catalog was adopted in 2013. Since 2014, the first biogas products have been awarded the Genuine Biogas-label.

The Genuine Biogas -label is the first seal of quality for biogas in Germany that enables the ecological evaluation of biogas along the the entire production chain - from the raw material to the end customer. This holistic approach guarantees environmentally friendly biogas and stands for a renewable energy future.

The board of the association

The board of the association consists of three persons (chairman and two deputies), who come from the circle of the supporting associations and are elected by the general meeting for two years at a time. The board decides on important questions of certification and label awarding - as far as these do not have to be decided by the general meeting - and thus assumes the function of a management.

Dietmar Oeliger Gruener Strom Label e.V. Vorstand

Dietmar Oeliger


NABU - Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany e.V.

Rosa Hemmers Gruener Strom Label e.V. Vorstand

Rosa Hemmers

Vice Chair

Board member of EUROSOLAR Europäische Vereinigung für Erneuerbare Energien e.V.

Marcus Bollmann Gruener Strom Label e.V. Vorstand

Marcus Bollmann

Vice chair

Deputy Spokesman Energy Working Group, Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V. (BUND)

The office

In order to be able to accompany the certification with the necessary care, a full-time office was opened in July 2006 with headquarters in Bonn. The office acts as an interface between the energy providers and the association's bodies, accompanies regular certification, advises the energy providers on issues relating to the use of funds, and handles public relations for Grüner Strom Label e.V.

Together for the energy turnaround

The faces behind

Gruener-Strom employee-Barbara

Barbara Fricke

Green Power Certification Manager

Gruener-Strom employee-Christian

Christian Knops

Green Gas Certification Manager

Gruener Strom employee-Melanie

Melanie Alberts

Head of Communication & Marketing

Gruener-Strom employee-Eva

Eva noise

Green Power Certification Coordinator

Gruener-Strom employee-Nina

Nina Cernohorsky

Speaker Green Gas, Green Power Certification

Gruener-Strom employee-Michelle

Michelle Markwart

Management Consultant, Online Communication

Kaspar Lewerenz

Working Student Communication & Marketing

Melina Lukas

Working student assistance management

This is what we have achieved together

By choosing a certified green electricity or biogas tariff, you are directly supporting the energy transition. For every kilowatt hour consumed, a fixed amount flows into the expansion of renewable energies - that's sustainable thinking.

Satisfied green electricity customers
certified green electricity tariffs
Promoted energy transition projects
Invested subsidies (€)

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